Students within the course in Architecture Theory and History, 'Take a Walk on the Wild Side: Learning from the city and beyond' currently running at Mejan Arc contribute with works for the exhibition 'Frederick Kiesler: Visions at Work' at Tensta konsthall, opening 11 February.

Frederick Kiesler (1890–1965) was an architect, artist, scenographer, pedagogue, theorist and a groundbreaking exhibition designer. The exhibition will feature models and documentations of Kiesler's designs for exhibitions, buildings, interiors, shop-windows, etc. from various periods. The focus will be on Kiesler's interest in the intersection between art and life and how this manifests in his works. The artist Céline Condorelli, who has a long-time interest in exhibition design and modes of presentation, will contribute to the project along with six student groups of which the Mejan Arc student group is one. They contribute with works for the exhibition that are a result of their study of Kiesler´s work.

Participating students from the Royal Institute of Art are Emma Jenkins, Matthew Ashton, Frida Boström, Anna Hesselgren, Malin Heyman, Ulrika Jansson, Dan Lageryd, Stuart Mayes and Szymon Zydek. They have been studying many of Frederick Kiesler's projects and are sharing their research on the course blog

The Exhibition will be running between 11 February and 2 May, 2015. Find more info on the exhibition at Tensta konsthall´s web site.

             Image: Fold-up card, by students at Kungl. Konsthögskolan participaiting in the exhibition. 

The responsible professor for the course Take a Walk on the Wild Side: Learning from the city and beyond is Peter Lang, who will lecture at Tensta konsthall:

Superstudio in 3 Exhibits: Jolly 2 Pistoia 1966, Trignon Graz 1969 and Mana Art Rom 1971
Time: 25 February 2015, at 19.00
Location: Tensta konsthall
Read more about the lecture at Tensta konsthall´s web site
Read more at Peter Lang´s web site