The mural-techniques workshop is primarily intended for artistic techniques that are used in the public domain such as painted murals and concrete. Mural techniques comprise anything suitable for applying to a wall. The applications can be painted on plaster or scratched into the surface. They can be made of mosaic, ceramic tiles, enamelled metal or use fresco or secco techniques.

Fresco paintings often have a watercolour effect while a secco painting is more similar to a gouache. Stucco lustro is a fresco technique in which the surface is heated with a hot iron to give a very smooth and polished surface with great depth to the colours.

Sgraffito or graffito technique consists of several layers of coloured plaster into which a design is scratched to reveal differently coloured underlying layers.


Detaching a fresco using the strappo technique

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Sven Ljungberg’s fresco in the old school building will be detached from the wall and moved to the new premises. Article, Smålänningen (2011-05-20) Freskomålningen tas ned i delarDetalj   Den första delen som limmas inLimning av en strappo.Det går åt mycket tyg och allt skall tvät...

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