Fifteen masterstudents from the University of the Arts Helsinki are exhibiting at Galleri Mejan. The exhibition is part of the Royal Institute of Arts exchange programme. 

Opening: 11 June at 17:00 
Galleri Mejan, Exercisplan 3 
Map here 

The exhibition runs throught 28 June 
Opening hours: Tuesday-Sunday at 12.00-17.00 


Hän – Own

This years masters students from the University of the Arts Helsinki, Academy of Fine Arts are attending an exchange exhibition for the second time at The Royal Instute of Art in Stockholm. The project started as an initiative from the students at The Royal Institute in 2014 and it has resulted in two exhibitions for the master students at the Royal Institute of Art and at the Exhibition Laboratory’s Project Room in Helsinki, (former gallery FAFA). The students from the Academy of Fine Arts had an opportunity to show their works at The Fotografins Hus last year and now at Galleri Mejan.

The works in this years exhibition deal with the various constructions of identity to the body, both as an absence and presence, together with the complex relations to spatiality, about intimacy and public and drawing related to mind and body and eye. The diverse questions made in the exhibition are about a hybrid as a state of being and the deconstruction of language in different materials presented.

TIMO ANDERSSON (Jyväskylä, Finland, 1989)
Timo Andersson Mostly works with images and ideas that are somewhere between actualization and ambiguity. Lately he has been doing works where the gesture, or rather, the appearance of a gesture, of removing a non-existent subject matter becomes a subject matter of its own.

WALTER DEWALD (Helsinki, Finland 1990) 
As an artist Dewald takes on a material and starts exploring its possibilities, thoughts that come to mind when working with this certain material. By bringing another material into the equation he starts finding connections between them. In these connections he finds the true nature of art.

OLGA DMITRIEV (Helsinki, Finland 1982) 
Olga Dmitriev is an artist studying sculpture and is currently working on installations of objects and images she collects and makes from various substances. The outlines are drawn from memories and the subconscious – coalescing personal relationship with materials.  

PERNILLA GRÖNBERG (Siuntio, Finland 1988) 
Pernilla Grönberg is studying painting, but working mainly with drawing and printmaking. Language and material, the language material and the material of language are important themes for her. The work of art in the exhibition is based on a painting that has been deconstructed into different versions by, for example a computer and serigraphy technique. 

JOONAS HYVÖNEN (Helsinki, Finland 1990) 
Fourth year sculpture student Joonas Hyvönen believes bio hacking is a particularly interesting subject to study because of its growing relevance. Although currently it is no more than a hobby for Silicon Valley millionaires, there are visible tendencies for ideas to spread – both to individuals influenced by the "fitness-boom" in social media, and to parts of the public health system. The thought of "getting in shape" is not enough to explain the bio-hacking movements high level of ambition. One must also look at the older so-called trans humanism as it has a lot in common with the bio hacking. Trans humanism’s goal was, and is, to improve human physical living conditions, for example, by counteracting the aging process and thus prolong life.

ARTOR JESUS INKERÖ (Rovaniemi, Finland, 1989) 
Artor Inkerö is studying Time and Space Arts for the fourth year in the Academy of Fine Arts. Inkerö describes that a study of motion is often used in crime scenes to see the trajectory of a bullet. A study of Rihanna's movements reveal something in the artist himself that he did not know, that can be seen if you look at him in slow motion video. Of the learned behavior models, that social media gives him – he is trying to find his place or himself. Inkerö’s practice is often fluent habitual. His works will always work in a larger continuum, as a series of image objects. He likes to think that the viewer becomes a user of the art space and help produce new meanings. Inkerö has used the idea of ​​a studio as a platform for the presentation series.

FELICIA JANSSON (Tyresö, Sweden 1987) 
Felicia Jansson explores how a society obsessed with beauty and ideals could look like when the manipulation of the body becomes an everyday act. Her work is based on the human and the human body’s often fragmented existence, as we totally delimit ourselves from nature, but despite the desperation romanticize the "natural" in us. Easygoing music is played in the background while a little slapstick -like plastic surgery takes place. Felicia has previously worked with the human’s understandable desire to escape it’s own body and the political and philosophical dilemmas that will follow from the pressure imposed by the crowds outside, then the body becomes a instrument for superficial and personal success. 

SARA KOVAMÄKI (Lahti, Finland, 1981) 
Sara Kovamäki works with video, performance, dance and installation. In her works she often processes the relationship and problematic between the body, different materials and space. Throughout her working process many questions arise that direct her actions. She is interested in borderlines between such opposites as public and private, personal and general, the poetical and political characteristic of body and space, potential and ignoring the potential, the line between possible and impossible and the difference between fact and fiction. What kind of layers of time accumulates in the body through experience and knowledge? How can we break learned constructions with art? At the moment Sara is working on a video installation which is formed around a fragmental video based on two paintings: Eugène Delacroix’s Liberty Leading the People and Titian Vecelli’s Bacchus and Ariadne.   

INKA KYNKÄÄNNIEMI (Oulu, Finland, 1992) 
Inka Kynkäänniemi works with installation, painting, video and text. She explores the sensuous qualities of images and the relation between fiction and reality. Her works often involve seemingly mundane objects that encompass a somewhat ritualistic nature and are used as tools to express desire. As a seductive object Lure aims to enchant with its alteration and ability of the unknown. It operates as a mere imitation of something real that is characterized by a distinctive kind of endless motion. The separate sound work attempts to outline the encounter with oddity. 

EVA KÄRKI (Nurmes, Finland, 1986) 
Eva Kärki is studying painting for the fourth year at the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki. She is interested in the fine line between the odd and the familiar, the recognizable and the unrecognizable, the abstract and the figurative, disgust and intrigue. Her recent works deal with time, memory, body, sexuality, physicality, movement and how do we experience and remember things with our bodies. 

TAIKA LOUHIVUORI (Tampere, Finland, 1890)
Taika Louhivuori is a forth year print making student at the Academy of Fine Arts. Interested in escapistic values of art and where an artwork can take the viewer to. In the end, the viewer completes the work.

REIJA MERILÄINEN (Lahti, Finland, 1987) 
Helsinki based artist Reija Meriläinen works mostly with video and sculpture, often combining these elements into interactive installations. Pulling from subjective experience and personal memories, her work often has a visceral sense of violence that is communicated through haptic materials. I think she’s dead shows a dreamlike scene of an angst teenage fantasy. The photograph depicts a block of ballistics gel – an analogue for human flesh – that has been shot into, with the bullet and its entry wound showing.  

LOUISE SALLING (Taastrup, Denmark, 1989) 
Louise Salling has since 2011 lived and studied in Helsinki as a student of the Academy of Fine Arts, in the study programme of Time and Space. Her works evolve around the creation of memory through constructed narratives, and how these memories can, and often do, morph into a myth. 

JARMO ILMARI SOMPPI (Espoo, Finland, 1970) 
Finnish artist Jarmo Ilmari Somppi is a fourth year sculpture student at the Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki. In his works rooms, apartments and houses absorb the characteristics of their inhabitants. The installations, emerging from the psychoanalytic tradition can often be experienced through many different senses – the sense of spatiality, the smell and haptic experience. 

BOGNA LUIZA WISNIEWSKA (Wroclaw, Poland, 1988) 
Bogna Wizniewska graduated from the painting department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw in 2014. She began her studies in the Academy of Fine Arts in 2012 in Helsinki. Wisniewska is currently working with different approaches to the subject of a painting, such as materiality and physicality and the painting as an idea. How can a painting be treated as an object? She is interested in the relation between the painted elements that go out of the frames and influence the surrounding space and surfaces. Her paintings consist of elements, pieces and cutouts that are sampled from different places, textures and objects that belong to her surrounding. She is transforming them into an abstract state by making simplified versions. By interlacing different layers she mixes those references, places, structures and mental hints, collaging elements inside and beyond the painting surface to create a space.