Exhibition at Kuva/Tila gallery, Merimiehenkatu 36, Helsinki

Opening: January 8, at 5-8 pm
Public talk: January 9, at 1 pm

Exhibition dates: January 9- 25, 2015. Gallery hours: Tuesday-Sunday 11–18


Participants: Dylan Arnold, Johan Berglund, Mirza Cizmic, Juanma Gonzalez, Jacob Holmberg, Alexander Hult, Lasse Juuti, Inez Jönsson, Tuuli Keratar, David Klasson, Ville Laaksonen, Minna Miettilä, Sampsa Pirtola, Kristina Ståhl, Anna Taina Nilsen, Susan Whitlow, Bogna Wisniewska, Annina Åsvik.

Course teachers: Filippa Arrias, Jonatan Habib Engqvist, Harri Monni, Tarja Pitkänen-Walter, Sigrid Sandström

This collective exhibition experiment at Kuva/Tila collects a group of 18 students from The Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm and KUVA Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki. The polyphonic exhibition stages some theoretical and practical outcomes from the common discussions, seminars, studio talks and workshops that have taken place in Helsinki and Stockholm during the autumn of 2014. The group has discussed and looked at a number of historical and contemporary approaches to exhibiting painting. As these investigations are taken further the leading question through out the process will be redefined in practical terms: What is the relationship between painting and the exhibition? Which strategies do contemporary painting practices use to reflect the exhibition space?

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