Våra före detta masterstudenter i fri konst - Santiago Mostyn och Tamara Hendersson - visar utställningen "Sans Tête Au Monde" på Kunsthall Stavanger. Utställningen öppnar den 28 november 2014.

Vernissage den 28 november 2014
Plats: Kunsthall Stavanger, Stavanger
Utställningen pågår till den 17 januari 2015
Curator: Heather Jones

Bild: Work in progress i Kungl. Konsthögskolans skulpturverkstad, Santiago Mostyn (2014)

"In a new project created specifically for Kunsthall Stavanger, artists Tamara Henderson and Santiago Mostyn linger on the line between dreams and reality, art and life. Roughly translated as ‘Headless into the World’, Sans Tête Au Monde is a collaborative project consisting of a film production and sculptural installation. As the artists act within this dream-scape, time itself seems to stretch, expand, and sometimes cease to be. The term ‘headless’ also refers to the removal of the normal hierarchical structure of the exhibition process, and here the exhibition space doubles as a site of film production. The sculptures – created through intuitive design processes including dream induction and psychoanalysis – serve both as props in the film and as markers in the gallery space, thereby transporting the viewer into the film’s scenography and further transgressing the boundaries between fiction and fact."

Texten hämtad från Kunsthall Stavangers hemsida, läs texten i sin helhet här

Santiago Mostyn visar sin video Delay (2014) vid 2014 Creative Time Summit Stockholm.