-Seminars at the Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm made public.

Including crits, work in progress, lectures, workshops and discussions.

This is educational activity as a transparent ready-made and performance.

Welcome to our working process.

5 December 13-15 Anna Sohlman, Felix Gmelin, On the current situation in our class. Our dean Måns Wrange is invited.
6 December 13-15 Ronald Jones, From Knowledge Production to Wisdom Creation; Creativity In The
Postdisciplinary Era.
Then group crit 16-18 Ronald Jones, Felix Gmelin
7 December 13-15 Ruben Östlund, Anna Sohlman on the reception of his film "Play"
16-18 Marta Edling: Konsthögskolornas historia
8 December 13-15 Group crit Anna Sohlman, Felix
9 December 13-15 Group crit Kristina Jansson, Felix
18 finnissage 18:30 - 21:00

(Some changes might still occur in the program)

Participating students:
Dimen Abdulla, Johan Franzen, Naun Juarez, Anna Liljekranz, Niki Lindroth von Bahr, Emma Rolen, Gabriela Spilsbury, Felix Vasquez, Daniel Wiklund, Andreas Nur and Pella Kågerman.

Participating Lecturers, Tutors and Professors:
Adel Abidin, Erik Berg, Kristina Jansson, Ronald Jones, Sigrid Sandström, Anna Sohlman and Felix Gmelin.

5-9 december, 2011
Opening hours / Seminar hours daily 1 - 3 PM
Tuesday 6th and Wednesday 7th, 1 - 6 PM

Slupskjulsvägen 28D,
Skeppsholmen, Stockholm

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