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Resources.12: In Search of Common Ground
Från Grounds-serien.

In Search of Common Ground

Mejan Arc - Arkitektur, 2012/13

Kurs på avancerad nivå, 60 högskolepoäng.

If we look beyond state- and private property driven developments, which have dominated cities during the last fifty years, throughout Europe we can encounter a rich tradition of cities and communities formed on the principles of the commons. Today, when the way out of the debt crises is seen in even more draconic privatization and thus “evaporation” of public property, can the re-constitution of the commons be a viable option pointing to new directions for our cities – beyond the agenda of profit and away from the neo-liberalization that brought us where we are?

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COMMONING THE CITY - the Stockholm 2013 Conference


Sandrine Revel, image from the exhibition project “Once Upon a Future” by STEALTH.Unlimited, Emil Jurcan and Arc En Rêve Architecture Center, Bordeaux, 2011.

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