Resources.Lab Resources.Lab
– An international forum on future urban environments.

Global cities are growing rapidly. The consequences of climate change, economic crises and geo-political conflicts enhance this growth. Suddenly old traditions and ancient lifestyles coexist with the urban and all the demands and behaviours of contemporary life.

What kind of urban transformations are essential for us to survive as a functioning ecosystem and, ultimately, as a planet? How can we, within the urban, deal with the complex and intertwined challenges ahead? We need new visions of urban life and the environment that are resilient and robust, adaptive and inclusive – alternatives to those produced during the oil-dependent era of planning. While looking into solutions we should also ask ourselves for whom and for what ways of life we are imagining an urban future.

Resources.Lab is an international forum for knowledge production about future urban environments. Resources.Lab utilizes design-based research methods to explore the potentials of urban environments in an unpredictable world of increasing social division and uneven distribution of resources.

Resources.Lab engages with particular regional contexts through a number of local stakeholders – academics, NGOs, activists and practitioners. The key objectives for this approach are to learn from local experience and to contribute to a resilient local development, while at the same time adding to a broader and more complex international discourse and theory about our common urban future in a time of great uncertainty.

resources lab Virginia MacKenny, Nokhwezi Klaas, Yvan Ikhlef, Paula von Seth and Carin Smuts during Urban Commons, Colloquium Cape Town. January 2013.

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