One of the main goals behind the 3 day design-build  “Make Your Own Comfort Zones” workshop at Mejan was to understand how a cold hospital-like space can be made into a warm participatory area for public use.

The_comfort_zone  Photo: Mohammad Hossein Abbasi

An international team of architects and artists were invited to create some functional hard and soft concepts, like ‘hard’ magazine shelves and reading areas, with ‘soft’ places, like relaxing recycled leather cushions on fish bins. Pulling the whole space concept together were circa 1500 plastic bottles, varying in size between 2.5 and 5.0 –liters, that were strung together from the skylights and columns into cloud formations and dipping tornados.

Helped along by a talented group of workshop participants, the 3 day February event provided a perfect opportunity to introduce an ambient sound installation, and a light show. A blind window into the entrance became transformed into a mini gallery. And all the materials will be forward cycled into a new floating project this coming June. In the end, all the installations feed off each other, and the results as well as further details on participants can be consulted on the Workshop’s open blog.

Read more about the project and the names of all the participants on the blog

Photo at the front page: Mohammad Hossein Abbasi.