The Royal Institute of Art initiates a collaboration with the new higher education institution; Stockholm University of the Arts. The collaboration concerns the area of artistic research and doctoral education.

Photo: (De)constructed project, Röda Sten, 2011, ©STEALTH.unlimited

-We are a small institution and in order to be able to engage in artistic research and to facilitate doctoral education at the highest level, we need to collaborate with other national and international higher education institutions, says the Royal Institute of Arts’ Vice-Chancellor Måns Wrange.

The collaboration with Stockholm University of the Arts, is the third collaboration that the Royal Institute of Art establishes in the context of artistic research. Already existing collaborations take place with Stockholm University and Konstnärliga forskarskolan (based at Lund University). The new collaboration will strengthen both the local research environment at the Royal Institute of Art, as well as create a strong foundation for artistic research in Stockholm.

From January 1 2014, Stockholm University of the Arts will become operative through a merger between University of Dance and Circus, University College of Opera and the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts.

-The Royal Institute of Art has chosen to remain an independent higher education institution and will not enter into the merger, says Måns Wrange. The collaboration with the new higher education institution will only concern artistic research and doctoral education.