Art History Lecture

On Friday Nov 1, the curator and writer Marta Kuzma will lecture within the frame of this semester's art history course "Perform or Else!". The lecture will be in English.
Marta Kuzma, "When Attitudes Become Porn"
When: Friday Nov 1 at 13.00-15.00
Where: Lecture hall, 4ht floor, KKH, Skeppsholmen
The lecture/presentation explores the dialectics of obscenity and the way in which the obscenity card has been one utilized by the "establishment" throughout the history of modernity as a way to monitor that which might be understood as politically significant and consequently deemed "dangerous." The thoughts of Herbert Marcuse will be introduced as they relate specifically to the juncture of the political and the erotic  (departing from Eros and Civilization) to provide firstly, further insight on how and why cultural forms addressing political and social realities at any given time have been those to be deemed obscene and secondly, while performative aesthetics rendered through film, dance, poetry, music, and sculpture, throughout the 1950s and 1960s have exhibited both an artist's subjectivity and a political subjectivity as a way to undermine the status quo and the culture of consensus.