Kerstin Österlin
Gestalt Therapist
Kerstin Österlin


0704 38 85 39
Jag mailar ut en aktuell bokningslista till alla studenter varannan månad. Välkommen att kontakta mig om du inte hittar den!
I send you an email with the current bookinglist everysecond month. Please contact me if you don't find it!
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Kerstin Österlin, dipl.gestaltterapeut. Mobile 0704-38 85 39, e-mail

" PERSONAL SUPERVISION" To put words to your experiences, thoughts and feeling instead of keeping them inside your head is a good way to grow. By talking to someone you can understand yourself and your situation better and you can develop your self-respect. The idea behind Personal Supervision is to offer you, the students at the Royal Institute of Art, the opportunity to reflect on issues that might not come up in any other settings in the school. It can be things that are directly connected to your practice and the professional part of your being - or personal matters and dilemmas of more personal character. The dialogs are of course about what might be of importance to you: existential matters and dilemmas, stage fear, stress, worries, feelings of insufficiency, relational problems…or other. The reason for you to wanting to see me might be an urgent situation Or that you want to put words to the feelings and thoughts you have - to see where they lead to… Approximately 50% of all students chose to use this facility during their years in school. Some see me once or twice . Some find it meaningful to have sessions frequently and during longer periods. In my profession I have obligation to observe silence which means that I never speak to anyone about the conversations with you. Shortly about my background I have been working as a theatre- director for many years. Little by little my interest turned to working with people in another context and I started my education to becoming a psychotherapist. My work is founded in existential philosophy and methodology. I have been working with students at the school since 2006. I email