About Architectural Conservation

Course on advanced level in architectural conservation
Architectural Conservation explores how existing architecture in historic urban environments can be developed and used as a resource, potential and a tool for change. Various methods of inventory are utilized to analyze the context and as basis for the generation of sustainable proposals, which can result in something new, added or something
old that is restored. The course gives qualified, cutting-edge competency to professionals in the field of architectural restoration. A comprehensive view of the complex issues concerning architectural restoration is discussed in historical, contemporary and future contexts, with focus on both national and international issues of urbanity.
Mejan Arc offers a one-year supplementary education in restoration and preservation. The course, which has 20 places, is equivalent to 60 ECTS and can in part be used for credits toward a research degree. The course is aimed primarily for architects, but also for antiquarians, engineers, and others specialized in heritage issues. In addition to a master's degree or equivalent, the applicant must have a minimum of one year’s work experience. The course is divided into concentrated periods of work at the school alternating with independent studies. In addition to the course instructors, a large number of Swedish and inter-national guest teachers participate in the lectures and seminar. There are trips within Sweden and abroad during the one year course. These trips are partly financed by the students themselves.