Latest update 2015-02-09

The Visiting/Guest student course is intended for foreign or Swedish students who study in a higher art education abroad or have just graduated from a comparable institution.

The visiting student can work with for example painting, sculpture and printmaking, as well as video, photography and internet related media.

- The studies are based on the individual´s own choices.

- The visiting student is assigned to a supervising professor, and provided with a studio space and access to the college´s workshops.

- The course does not lead to any degree.

Length of studies
The study period is one academic year and gives 60 ECTS credits. The autumn semester runs from the beginning of September to January, and the spring semester runs from the end of January to early June.

Facts about studies in Fine Arts for visiting/guest students

Last application day: March 2, 2015
Requirements: Ongoing studies in fine art at a higher educational institution, or recently finished studies
Number of ECTS credits: 60 
Length of the course: 1 academic year (no degree)
Teaching language: English
Application: Digitally on our website

Foreign or Swedish students who are currently studying at a higher art institutions abroad or have just finished an art degrees abroad are eligible to apply as visiting students. Student at another Swedish higher art education may only be admitted through a reciprocal exchange, or if any other special reasons exist. Knowledge of Swedish is not necessary, but a good command of English is required to profit from the studies. Admission is made after assessment of the application by the professors´ group. 2 - 4 places are available for visiting students each year.

Financing the studies
Students from outside the EU/EEA area who have been accepted to a study programme in Sweden must show financial means for the support during the study time, to the immigration authorities.

For students from countries outside the EU/EEA area admission- and tuition fees apply.  The tuition fee at the Royal Institute of Art is 295 500 SEK per academic year, and the admission fee is 900 SEK.

Information on tuition fees for applicants outside of EU/EEA and Switzerland

The academic year 2015/16 we can offer one scholarship covering the tuition fee at the Master programme in Fine arts, and one at the Visiting student course.
Application for the scholarship is made by sending a short motivating letter to Royal Institute of Art, Box 16 315, S-103 26 Stockholm. Please note that we only consider applications where the application fee of 900 SEK has been paid in due time!

The application is made on-line on the link at the top of the page.

All applicants will be notified on the result of the admission in late April.