KKH offers students the opportunity to work with glass as an artistic medium. Foundation courses are held each year in flat-glass techniques and oven casting.

The glass workshop is equipped with several furnaces, machines for working on cold glass (saws and grinders), a sandblaster and a large light table.

Interest in glass has increased notably in recent years. Flat glass has its natural applications in architecture and this lends it a serious potential for development of both traditional and more novel techniques.

As a sculptural material, glass has a unique capacity to catch and spread light. The volume and surface of glass objects make different demands from the non-transparent, more traditional sculptural materials.

The glass workshop is available to all students who can either take part in foundation courses or request personal supervision for their own particular project using glass. In certain years the workshop has been granted funds for research projects into such areas as neon and plasma, light and lampworking.

The workshop accepts three project students each year who spend one or two terms working on a glass project of their own design. This means that the glass workshop is in a constant state of development.



Neon course

Images from a neon project, 2003-04.   ...

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Glass techniques

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Flat-glass techniquesThe foundation course includes practical work on leaded windows, enamel-painting on glass, fusing and sandblasting. Study visits and discussion of assignments are combined with theory and practical work. Oven castingThe foundation course includes modelling and techniques for produc...

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