Last updated 2015-02-09

Mejan Residents offers the opportunity to undertake an artistic research project during one academic year. The applicant should in writing outline an idea for an artistic research project with a production budget of a maximum of 50 000 SEK. The studies are individually arranged according to the research project idea and planned in dialogue with the supervising lecturer or professor.

The programme is open for professional practitioners within the artistic field such as artists, architects, critics, curators, filmmakers and others. The applicant should have gained qualified experiences within the artistic field. To be eligble the applicant must have completed a degree at an advanced level (like a Master’s degree), or in some other way have gained the equivalent experience either nationally or internationally. Specific entry requirements: the applicant must demonstrate an ability (for example, through images, video, text) to both contribute and benefit from the educational programme.

Mejan Residents is organised around two project semesters and on a full-time study mode. At the end of the academic year, the artistic research project will be presented through for example, an exhibition or lecture.

Mejan Residents started 2011 and is part of the Royal Institute of Art’s emerging artistic research environment.

Application fees and study fees apply for students outside of the EU and EES areas. For the Royal Institute of Art, the application fee is 900 SEK, and the study fee 295 500 SEK per year.

Read the full call and instructions for how to apply.

Course Plan

Contact: Åsa Andersson, Research Coordinator, +46 (0)8-6144048, asa.andersson(at)

Facts about Mejan Residents

Last application date: March 2, 2015
Number of credits: 60 ECTS-credits
Duration: 1 academic year
Language: English/Swedish depending upon the participants.