Professor Henrietta Palmer is an invited speaker at the University of Cambridge, Symposium on 'The Shrinking Commons', September 8-9, 2014


From the symposium abstract:

 The commons have been described as a drama, even - famously - a 'tragedy'. Their fate, their future, has never seemed more parlous, with climate change, population growth, and competition for scarce resources seemingly threatening our greatest common property, the planet itself.


The symposium seeks to address these questions by following developments across three historically symbolic ‘passage points’ of the commons: a) the ownership, availability and condition of land and nature; b) the technologies and infrastructures of collective provisioning; and c) the structuring of publics and their rights.


Henrietta Palmer, Professor of Architecture at the Royal Institute of Art will be lecturing about ‘The Emergence of Urban Commons’.

Find the full program here.