Revolutuion at the Point of Reproduction:

from Wages for Housework to the Commoning of Reproductive Work

Open Lecture with Silvia Federici

Time: 09.15 - 12.00, Wednesday, February 19th
Place: House 28, Royal Institue of Art, Flaggmansvägen 1, Skeppsholmen, Stockholm.
Language: English

Welcome to an open Lecture and discussion with Silvia Federici, scholar, philospher, feminist activist and Professor Emerita at Hofstra University, NY

The process of economic globalization has deeply transformed the organization of female labor, in and out of the home, and the direction of women’s struggle on these terrains. In her presentation Federici examines the main changes that have occurred internationally in reproductive work, paid and unpaid, especially in urban environments and the strategies women have developed in response to them. Topics discussed will include the globalization and commercialization of ‘care work’, the new emerging forms of ‘affective labor’,  and the efforts women are making , especially in Latin America to produce urban commons’, that is forms of reproduction outside the logic of the state and the market.

The lecture is part of the ongoing program Resources.13; Radical Shift | Incremental Change: Rio de Janeiro at Mejan Arc, Royal Institute of Art.

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The lecture was filmed and the documentation can be found here.

Documentation of the following discussion can be found here