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I never promised you a Rose Garden – Urban Cultures and Spatial Justice: Greater Detroit, Stockholm, Berlin

Mejan Arc - Art & Architecture, 2014/15
Course on advanced level, 30 ECTS

I never promised you a Rose Garden – Urban Cultures and Spatial Justice: Greater Detroit, Stockholm, Berlin is a one-year (30 ECTS-credit) part-time course focusing on Detroit as a radical example of a segregated, des-invested, former prosperous city. Since the 1950s, the money migrated to the suburbs, leaving behind the poor. They call it “White Flight,” as Detroit is separated by colour lines. But there are the global headquarters of General Motors and the large Wayne State University, surrounded by single houses, a lot of vacant space, ruins and empty streets. The most prosperous suburbs in the whole US are to be found just beyond Detroit’s bankrupt city limits. And after massive support by the US state, General Motors is again number one of the global car industry.

So why do we see Detroit in ruins? What do increasing number of artists and urbanists do as they flock into the city? Famous artist Mike Kelley’s last work before committing suicide was to bring his family’s reconstructed Detroit suburban family house, transported on wheels, that is now serving the community as well as an office space for the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit. The artist Tyree Guyton, founder of The Heidelberg Project, decorates a whole neighbourhood like Pippi Longstocking might still live there.

Yes, the city is in deep crisis, but Greater Detroit is full of surprising contradictions. which the coffee-table books on ruins are not telling about. The course will investigate another Detroit, with eyes also on Stockholm and Berlin.

Detroitians tattoo, photo: Jochen Becker

Classes will be scheduled for the first week of every month. For the autumn term this means week 36, 40, 45 and 49. Occasionally there will also be classes on Wednesday evenings.

A study and research trip to Detroit is scheduled for the spring term (about 9 days). Other shorter study trips might occur. For the academic year 2014/15 students contribute to the costs for the study trips with 7 000 SEK per term (totally 14000SEK). Students who are unable to take part in the trips are given alternative assignments.

Participation: Aernout Mik (artist, Amsterdam), Camilo José Vergara (photographer, author, New York), Amir Husak (film maker, researcher, New York/Detroit), Manuela Bojadžijev/Ultra-Red (activist, researcher, Berlin,, Ingo Vetter (artist, Bremen), Karin Jobst (artist, Hamburg), etc.

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Aspectivity - The History of Seeing and Representation 2012/2013

During 2012/2013 Art & Architecture has focused on the history of seeing and representation. Among other things the course has investigated how the camera, map, smartphone and other technologies has affected our perception, knowledge production, memory and history. (Jordan, Palestine)

Responsible for Aspectivity was subst. senior Lecturer Jesper Nordahl. During 2012/2013 Rebecka Thor was working as a guest teacher.

Aspectivity - course catalogue (spreads).
Aspectivity - course catalogue (pages).

More information about Aspectivity
aspectivity Al Manarah Square, Ramallah, Palestine.
Photo: Jesper Nordahl, 2012

Textilism 2010/2011

Textile as structure, metaphor and material.
Historical, political, economic and social aspects. (Sri Lanka)

More information about Textilism:
Textilism Course Prospectus
Exhibition Invitation

Documentality 2010/2011

The document, documentary practices and questions about authencity. Art and architecture in relation to photographs, written documents, maps and other media. (Damascus, Hebron, Jerusalem, Ramallah)

More information about Documentality:
Documentality Course Prospectus
Documentality Slideshow
A New View

Informal Cities 2008

Follow-up from Legal/Illegal.

More information about Informal Cities:
Informal Cities - Exhibition and Symposium
Informal Cities - Symposium Prospectus

Legal/Illegal 2006/2007

The law, morality and the psyche.
Rights to the city and citizenship. (Brazil)

More information about Legal/Illegal:
Legal/Illegal Prospectus

Dharavi: Documenting informalities 2006

Follow-up from The End.

More information about Dharavi:
Dharavi: Documenting informalities

The End 2005/2006

The Economy, time, history and colonialism. The end of history – or a new beginning? Post-colonialism – and then what? (India)

Romanticism 2004

The artistic paradigm, the nation-state and Orientalism. The genius, the hermit, the discoverer. Us and them, the exotic and the expressionistic idea of the individual. (Morocco)

Made in China 2003

Games 2002/2003

Homo Ludens, “playing man,” chance, game theory and moral dilemmas. Architecture, art and economics in relation to games and play. (Las Vegas)

Landscape 2001

The inner and outer landscapes, views of the rural from the city and the site’s relationship to art and architecture (Egypt)