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Open Lecture with Daniel Kötter/stage theatre:

Performing Ruins

Time: Thu December 4, 2014, 18:00 - 20:00
Place: Royal Institue of Art, House 28

Flaggmansvägen 1, Skeppsholmen, Stockholm.

Find map here.

Language: English



Welcome to an open lecture and discussion with the Berlin based artist, composer and director Daniel Kötter.


Daniel Kötter will present 'state-theatre: Lagos' which is one of a series of six experimental video documentaries all dealing with the role and ruins of national stages. The series are the result of a collaborative work together with, among others, the stage designer and artist Constanze Fischbeck.


Latest shown at the Venice Architecture Biennial 2014, the series include documentations of performances made on location in Lagos, Teheran, Berlin, Detroit, Beirut and Mönchengladbach.  The video works explore the stages as architectural spaces, reflecting their context as well as their history in highly differentiated perspectives. The camera work as well as the performances by actors, dancers or experts construct a discursive architecture.


The word 'theatre' refers first and foremost to the place and architecture of a performance, rather than to what is being performed. Even after centuries, a theatre’s architecture represents the visual order from which it emerged: the possibilities for artistic production are historically conditioned. The geometrical space of architecture is pitted against the anthropological space of its use.





/Jochen Becker