Course Structure

The course runs from the beginning of September throughout May and is aimed for post-graduate students with backgrounds in the arts, design, architecture, and urban related
disciplines. The course is multidisciplinary in order to stimulate an active discussion between different professions.

The Art & Architecture is an advanced level part-time course over one year and gives 30 ECTS, which can be credited towards a PhD degree. The themes vary for each course that is scheduled with one-week study periods, Monday to Friday, held once a month. In between these periods students are expected to conduct individual studies. The course themes are investigated through lectures, study visits and seminars. At least one study trip, one to two weeks long, is arranged for each course.

The course theme is examined from multidisciplinary positions critical source examinations, and we also look at our own practices and ingrained beliefs in relation to what we find.

In connection with the one-year courses, students are encouraged to apply for an additional and optional semester at the Royal Institute of Art to continue an individual project. For this

reason, the Art & Architecture course is given every second year,alternatively starting in September and in January. During this optional semester, the group makes a joint project with individual contributions. This could result in a publication, an exhibition or other forms of presentation.

Students contribute to the costs for the study trip. Any students who are unable to take part in the trips are given alternative assignments.