About Art & Architecture
Art & Architecture was a course series running 2001 - 2015 that offered possibilities for artistic, theoretical and critical reflection and making connected to a specific theme related to urban issues and phenomena. The aim of the course was to create an international forum for discussions on art, architecture, philosophy and societal issues and to stimulate new forms of production and collaboration. The course also offered a year of artistic and theoretical inspiration that gave the participants a broad overview of, and a contemporary orientation in, the theme for the year. At the same time, the practices of the participants were examined in relation to the theme.

The course is aimed for artists, architects, photographers, journalists, curators, cultural scientists and other professionals within the fields of art, architecture and urban studies. Lectures with follow-up seminars are arranged throughout the year. In between these lecture/seminars individual study is conducted through the reading of texts. Every year a study trip (1 -2 weeks) is conducted which includes lectures, site visits and meetings with local individuals and groups.

In connection with the course the students are encouraged to continue their studies at the Royal Institute of Art in a subsequent, full-time project term. In this optional term the participants collaborate in a group project consisting of individual contributions, which can result in a publication, exhibition or other forms of presentation.

The course is directed to all practitioners in the fields of art, architecture, the arts and media. The overall objective is to think freely and to find unexpected angles from which to study an urban theme. The ideas generated during the course often form the basis for future collaborations and projects.

Starting by the fall of 2014 the course will be given in English (only). The course will be run by the newly appointed Senior Lecturer Jochen Becker.

dharavi_marklinger Collage (photo/drawing), Monika Marklinger, 2006, from the book “Dharavi - Documenting Informalities” (The Royal Institute of Art, Art & Architecture, Maria Lantz and Jonatan Habib Engqvist, 2008)