The course is on the advanced level and gives 60 ECTS credits. There is currently no info on when the next course will be given.

Mejan Arc - Architecture
Course on advanced level, 60 ECTS

Resources looks for engaged individuals who are interested in investigating the specific issues of the course and developing visionary proposals together within a team. Applicants should be able to demonstrate design ability, or have knowledge relevant to the subject, as well as describe an idea they wish to develop pertinent to the themes presented above. You should be an architect, landscape architect, urban or regional planer, designer, engineer, or from another creative discipline with a specific interest in architecture and urban planning issues. Applicants should have a master’s degree. Fees for the study trips vary from year to year – see the course program for exact costs. For more specific information concerning costs for students from outside the European Union, please click here. An engaged participation in seminars and workshops is required to receive academic credits.

An application consists of a CV, a concise written reflection on the subject for the year, a portfolio limited to 20 pages presenting relevant works, a passport-sized photograph of the applicant, as well as a digital application form.

The program is now closed for applications.

Time plan

Each year, the theme and program to be investigated is presented in the beginning of May. Applications should be submitted by the end of May and applicants accepted to the course are informed during the second week of June. The academic term starts in mid September and is completed at the end of May, with a winter break from the middle of December to the middle of January.

Additional courses, grants and economic support

As a student at Mejan Arc you are entitled to attend lectures held within the other courses at the school, including Architectural Restoration, Art & Architecture, as well as those within the Fine Arts program. At the conclusion of each year, the school awards a number of grants based on project applications. In the end of the autumn term, students are encouraged to apply for grants from the Research and Development in the Arts program. These applications can be based on ideas developed during the study year and that the student wishes to continue exploring during the consecutive year.