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Radical Shift | Incremental Change: Rio de Janeiro

Radical Shift | Incremental Change: Rio de Janeiro

Mejan Arc, Architecture, 2013/14

Course on advanced level, 60 ECTS

The urban is a process of continuous change. A constant stream of exchanges and restructuring, of negotiations and agreements. Transformation sometimes appears to be aimless and ad hoc, sometimes consciously planned with close and distant goals in mind.

Brazil’s transformation into an urban nation occurred in a late and intense period, from 1960 to 1980. During the 1920s and 1930s Brazil developed its own distinctive form of modernism which reacted against the former colonisers and the rural and conservative environment. However, modernism’s architectural and social exploration and the vision of a Brazilian hybrid identity came to a halt when the military assumed power. Instead, the agricultural nation was transformed into an urban society during a process of rapid industrialisation, which led to chaotic social change and stratification. The political liberation of the 1980s referred back to the radical discussions of the 1960s, and the Brazilian city became a concrete laboratory, against the backdrop of the forces of globalisation.

Resources.13 will explore current urban strategies in Rio de Janeiro and ask the question – How are people's needs and dreams affected by global agendas and motives?

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