Course Structure

The course runs from the beginning of September throughout May and is aimed for post-graduate students with backgrounds in the arts, design, architecture, and urban related
disciplines. The course is multidisciplinary in order to stimulate an active discussion between different professions.

The Architectural Theory and History is an advanced level part-time course over one year and gives 30 ECTS which can be credited towards a PhD course.

The course consists of a Lecture component, a seminar component and a workshop component. These run concurrently throughout the Fall and Spring Semesters. The Fall semester covers urban historiography of the city context performed through lectures and seminars and is also dedicated to launching individual research projects. Students are responsible for signing up and attending the Royal Institute of Art´s Lab introductory courses and training weeks.

Lectures are given by the Professor and by special invited guests. Seminars are sessions led by the Professor where course participants are invited to collectively discuss lectures, readings, projects. Workshops last one week, are scheduled one per semester and are organized with public institutions and local organizations.


The course is given in English and is run by Peter Lang, professor in Architectural Theory and History.