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Conservation: Local Issues - Global Perspectives, London – Helsingborg, 2010/2011

Conservation: Local Issues – Global Perspectives
City Transformations London Helsingborg

Mejan Arc, Architectural Conservation, 2010/2011
Course on advanced level, 60 ECTS.

Today, architectural restoration, or integrated conservation, takes a wider and broader perspective, encompassing such burning contemporary issues as environmental and resource concerns, sustainable development, questions of memory and identity, while taking a rights-based approach that includes, for instance, those of the disabled and the different local actors. The conservation debate and its value concepts have thus become decentralized and democratized – putting the individual at the centre of the discourse and showing a willingness to include a society’s diverse communities. Until recently conservation issues and values, which often are perceived as having purely a national or local dimension, have frequently lacked a global perspective, despite such questions becoming an international concern over the course of the 20th and 21st centuries when a series of international guidelines were established – albeit from a western perspective. During the 1960s and 1970s the heritage discussion broadened to include more parts of society and a greater scope of what was considered valuable to conserve. Different memories were considered worthy of enhancement and protection, along with the context of the place, rather than following the traditional treatment of monuments and buildings as isolated monoliths.

How can we enrich and expand the heritage discussion and protection based on the global conservation issues of today? Could this contribute to a change of attitude allowing minorities and subgroups to influence the transformation cities constantly undergo? What can we learn from the conservation praxis in other countries? What should we protect for the future and how should we cherish and manage the memory of a place and still develop its identity and character as the city transforms?

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