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Modernism at Risk
Architecture from the Modern Movement, 2012/2013

Modernism at risk – Architecture from the Modern Movement

Mejan Arc, Architectural Conservation, 2012/2013
Course on advanced level, 60 ECTS.

In the vast array of Swedish buildings and urban environments from the post-war era there is an important architectural, resource- related and cultural value. To manage, develop and refine these valuable objects is a long-term prospect. Today, some of these buildings face extensive conservation as well as a great pressure for change through the new needs and requirements which we place on functional architecture. The traditional focus of conservation on matter, patina, identity and authenticity often contradicts modernism’s basic concept: to fill a function and be in keeping with the times.

The preservation of modern architectural heritage is very problematic; technical solutions and choice of material are often experimental, in our view not fully developed, and not formulated in keeping with today’s high demands with regard to energy efficiency, sustainable development and with functional requirements for e.g., accessibility, safety and fire protection. How can we upgrade the modern architectural heritage, regenerate and restore functioning solutions and breathe new life into them? How can we fit in new functional requirements while retaining the quality of the architecture in society’s new social, urban contexts? How do we create the conceptual world of modern architecture? What does the present demand of the old building and how can we continue to experience the fresh face of modernism in the transformation of these buildings and environments?

Theme: Architectural Conservation 2012/2013 is going in-depth with the concept of conservation in modernism’s renewal and is seeking a vision which responds to a desire for preservation and the will to innovate without compromises and without any fixed ideas about what good architectural conservation is.

The study trip this year will be to New York City.

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Students 2012/2013

Anna Ahlberg
Emil Bergstén
Johanna Björkman
Johan Bohlin
Eva Dahlström Rittsél
Marie Eklund
Pär Eliaeson
Dennis Ericson
Enrico Giovannone
Ingegärd Gyllenswärd
Carl Hansson
Åsa Holmberg
Daniel Ljunggren
Anders Lundborg
Olle Nylind
Sibylle Maurer
Erik Säter
Mattias Sörensen
Erik Törnkvist
Stina Torén



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Modernism at Risk