Course Structure

Architectural conservation is an undertaking for architects, landscape architects, interior designers, urban planners, engineers, curators, restorers and others with an architectural
degree or equivalent and at least one year’s relevant professional experience. The course is multidisciplinary in order to stimulate an active discussion between different professions.
We work in six professionalization blocks with theory, lectures, group work and workshops. Group work is a major part of the course which includes on-site studies, documentation, examination, 3D laser scanning, analysis on different scale levels and studies of completed work. Conclusions and proposed measures/actions/development and ideas for conservation and management are included.

The course begins in September and ends in May. Students
contribute to the costs for the study trip. Any students who are unable to take part in the trips are given alternativ assignments. Parts of the course are given in English. The course is worth 60 credits, which can be credited towards a PhD course.

The course is run by the professor in architectural conservation, architect Kerstin Barup and senior lecturer/architect Cecilia Sagrén.