Latest update 2015-02-09

The Master programme in Fine arts is open to international as well as Swedish applicants.

The Royal Institute of Art offers a two-year Master programme in Fine arts. The education is focused on independent artistic work with continuous individual supervision by the professors and other teaching staff. The students plan their studies and artistic work in dialogue with the supervising professor.

The education consists of:

  • • work in the studio and workshops
  • • workshops, courses, seminars and projects of both a
  •   practical and theoretical nature
  • • professional preparation courses
  • • open lectures and study trips
  • • possibilities to develope and carry out artistic research
  • • the second academic year  includes an independent  
      project  consisting of both a master essay
  •   and a solo exhibition.

Facts about the MA programme in fine arts

Application Deadline: March 2, 2015
Number of ECTS credits: 120
Length of the programme: 2 academic years
Teaching language: English, but teaching in Swedish occurs.

The MA programme has an international direction. There are many English speaking students and teachers at the Royal Institute of Art, and the students meet several international guest teachers and lecturers throughout the course of their studies. There are projects and workshops dealing with international issues and concerns. Furthermore, students can use the possibility to study abroad at one of the Royal Institute of Art´s partner schools.

Foreign students who have been accepted to a study programme in Sweden must show financial means for the support during the study time, to the immigration authorities.

Admission and tuition fees apply for students from countries outside the EU/EEA area.  The tuition fee at the Royal Institute of Art is 295 500 SEK per academic year, and the admission fee is 900 SEK.

Information on fees

The academic year 2015/16 we can offer one scholarship covering the tuition fee at the Master programme in Fine arts, and one at the Visiting student programme. Application for the scholarship is made by sending a short motivating letter to Royal Institute of Art, Box 16 315, S-103 26 Stockholm. Please note that we only consider applications where the application fee of 900 SEK has been paid in due time!

Application information
Programme syllabus

Course syllabuses:

Individual artistic work - year 1 Master

Master seminar in Art Theory

Individual artistic work - year 2 Master

Degree project