Latest update 2015-05-04

The Royal Institute of Art offers a 5-year programme in Fine arts from which a Bachelor degree in Fine arts can be awarded after three years of passed full-time studies.

After two years of additional studies on advanced level  a Master degree in Fine arts can be obtained. The education is focused on independent artistic work. The aim of the studies is to give the students the possibility to develop their skills and distinctive character as well as an independent attitude and critical thinking about artistic work. Possibility is given to work with different artistic techniques including painting, sculpture, graphic art, digital media and video.

 The education consists of:
• work in the studio and workshops
• discussion and dialogue about the artistic work
• workshops, courses, seminars and projects of both practical and theoretical nature
• professional preparation courses
• study trips and study visits
• exhibitions
• essay writing

Facts about the 5-year programe in Fine arts

Application Deadline: March 2, 2015
Number of ECTS credits: 300
Length of the programme: 5 academic years
Teaching language: Swedish and English.

During the studies opportunity is given to study abroad at one of our partner institutions.

Each student has a supervising professor. Supervision is given both indvidually and in groups. The teaching within the professor group is in the form of discussions and presentations of one´s own and others work as well as other artistically based activities. Supervision, technical as well as artistic, is also provided by the teachers in the workshops. 

The studies are to a large extent individually arranged and are planned together with supervising professor. The goal is to find a study plan that aims at supporting each student in order for the student to realize artistic projects and develop the student´s artistry.

Application information (in Swedish)

Programme syllabus

Information on application- and tuition fees