During the autumn semester 2015 will Dan Graham and Jim Shaw give talks within the frame of The Domain of the Great Bear.

2015-09-08  Angela Davis on Art, Philosophy and Politics

2015-09-03  Film maker Göran Hugo Olsson Film Screenings

2015-04-27  A Lecture by Peter Osborne

2015-03-24  A Lecture by Kunlé Adeyemi 

2015-03-16  Jeff Wall / An Artist Talks

2015-02-25  The Royal Institute of Art in collaboration around publishing with Angie Keefer and Stuart Bailey

2015-01-26  Lecture by Catherine Malabou

The Royal Institute of Art announces The International Visition Chair in Philosophy in the Context of Art - Professor Peter Osborne & Professor Catherine Malabou

2014-11-03  Lecture by Eyal Weizman

2014-10-09  Charles Ray / An Artist Talks

2014-09-23  Angie Keefer

2014-09-15  Lecture by Peter Osborne: "Information, Image, Story: Some Conceptual Aspects of Contemporary Art"