THE PROLOGUE Dulce de Leche (2014-2015)

"Synopsis THE PROLOGUE: 

After the last act of a loving relationship, after the sweet talking and the accusations, and the last fruitless attempts to recover something, the Prologue begins – the start of a new story about love and pain. The Prologue takes places after the inevitable realization that Tobias’ and Joanna’s love for each other has ceased, and it describes the last spasms of their relationship. How long does it actually take for two people to destroy all that has existed between them?

The director’s comments: The Prologue takes place during the first ten minutes after a love relationship has ended. It describes this relationhip’s last spasms and the fruitless attempts to save something from a situation that is beyond repair. The lead characters Joanna and Tobias remain in the bedroom, while crushed by the realisation that they have to face the inevitable fact that they must now live without each other. It is a moment of fear and hurt that they have to confront, when they really just want to curl up, withdraw and be quiet. The Prologue is the fifth film in a series of short films ”Sju nyanser av kärlek”. The series also includes: Troleibuzul 92” (2009), ”Middag med familjen” (2012) and ”Sex stora fiskar” (2013). ”Sju nyanser av kärlek” (Seven shades of love), forms part of a longer project that lasts for a ten year period. The ambition is to make seven films in total. The series reveals moments of exposed intimacy between couples."

stefan_c_bildPROLOGEN (15 min), work in progress, © Stefan Constantinescu