Postscripts – an architectural performance (2013-2014 October)

External collaborative partner: Andjeas Ejiksson

"Postscripts – an architectural performance looks into the relationship between architectural drawings, instructions and buildings. The starting point for this project is the question of what it would mean to re-enact the construction of one of John Hejduk’s architectural masques.

At the end of the last century, on sites all over the world, students and colleagues came together to build Hejduk’s Masques. Hejduk himself guided these constructions through letter correspondences. In those brief moments of time, the imaginary structures of the masques took on the form of temporary wooden constructions. With these events in mind the project will discuss architectural construction in terms of process, performance and event, and test architectural manuals as forms of stage depictions that unfold rooms for interpretation."

galleri_mejan_AJJoanna Zawieja/Andjeas Ejiksson: VÄNTRUM 13–22 MAJ 2014 30 000 SEK + MOMS GALLERI MEJAN STOCKHOLM