"The project starts from a recently completed book project (2009-2012) in which the stories and the visual material marks a continuation and implementation of my artistic practice through the medium of an artist’s book. Behind an identical cover, the seemingly ”same” is presented in two variations that were developed through performative improvisations over earlier text versions, and repositioning of images and inserts.

The two variations were pendently constructed; book I began in November 2009 at Halle für Kunst in Lüneburg, in which several chapters, texts and images were printed on a Heidelberg GTO printing press on a daily basis during the exhibition ”Capstans”. In 2010 book II began as a revisitation and expansion of the first variation, in which the previous narratives, images and inserts were reconstructed."

 Triss_book-image-for-MA1"Source Material", 2012 © Tris Vonna-Michell