The Tale of the Big Computer

”The project takes as its starting point the 1966 future vision "The Tale of the Big Computer", written by the physicist Hannes Alfvén. The book inspired the composer Karl-Birger Blomdahl to adapt it into an opera, where brand new technology would be used, and for which Blomdahl engaged both artists and scientists. Then, in 1968, Blomdahl suddenly died, leaving the opera unrealized. My research involves investigating the remaining material in order to reconstruct this forgotten cultural history, which ends up connecting dots between people and ideas about art and technology, from Stockholm to New York, as well as to reveal and discuss artistic work methods, process and visions. The project - by utilizing the past as an extra set of eyes on the present - also aims its focus on our contemporary views and actions concerning the issue: our relationship to technology and its impact on life, art and the future.”

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