Why is there Something and not Nothing

" 'Why is there something”… (starting from Heidegger) will look at the disjunction between narrative and conceptual space, between history and memory. I am using the term disjunction to investigate the gap between the physicality and temporality of space that art, architecture and film all occupy. This approach will unfold through the lens of Hauntology/ghost (Derrida), alongside two parts in my artistic practice: first, by exposing the conventionally defined connections between the physicality of an artwork and the space and movement that produce and reiterate it; and secondly by devising new association’s in-between. It is an exploration of art’s capacity to opening up both internal and external space for experimentation."

Linda Persson “Disappearance of the world, resemblance of the object: Dark Fossil” © Linda Persson 2011
Photo: Jake Astbury (The Astbury’s)