Meteorological Utopias (Meteorologiska utopier)

"Originating in an interest in human intervention to try to change and modify his environment to his liking, and a recurrent issue in utopian works where both society and nature have been looked upon as things to be bettered, my intention is to create a narrative inspired by historical facts and literature relating to weather and climate control. By bringing together and creating new relationships between disparate histories of imagined futures, inventions, hopes and anxieties, I want to work with questions of narration, as suspension of disbelief or effects of estrangement.

Weather control places us in a border area between fiction and reality. I use the topic and ideas around it to express a state of puzzlement or blur, intangible, as climate itself, hopefully opening more questions."

Hanna Husberg "Not the blue of the sky" © Hanna Husberg