Arts festivals as a global cultural product

“What is an event? What is a becoming event? What is a never ending event? Can you willingly provoke an event or is it just something that might happen? What is meant by “event” in postmodern philosophical terms (Lyotard, Deleuze, Badiou and Žižek) and in the current global contemporary art system? Since 1989 and exponentially, event cultural formats such as biennales shape the norm. Why and how does the art industry invest in these ephemeral manifestations? How do artistic organizations work on such “events”? Does it reflect ultimately our post-internet era intertwined between phenomena such as “acceleration” and “anthropocene”?”

EternalTour2012Geneve_BAC_122_WEBMaria Galindo and Beverly Charpentier, "No puedo ser la mujer de tu vida porque soy la mujer de mi vida… pero te la doy", graffiti, black spray paint, approx 2 x 3.5 m, on Chapelle palimpseste, monumental wall painting by Omar Ba, Josse Bailly, Crystel Ceresa, Hadrien Dussoix, Thierry Feuz, Tami Ichino, Emma Perrochon, Frédéric Sanchez, Aymeric Tarrade and Eric Winarto, 2012. Cosmotopia curated by Donatella Bernardi for Eternal Tour 2012 Genève, Bâtiment d’art contemporain, “Le Commun”, Geneva. Photo: Vlado Alonso.

Donatella_Bernardi_MG_5757Donatella Bernardi, "Tribute to Bridget Riley", 2014 Wall painting, in collaboration with Abed, Houran and Khaled Sheikh Ahmad. Helvetic Zebra curated by Donatella Bernardi, STATION, Beirut. Photo: George Zouein.