The Utopian Image - Absolute and Incomplete
The Conditions of a Utopian Function in Art and Artist-Film.

“The project investigates the conditions for a utopian function in contemporary art and the moving image. It starts from the premises that in recent times there has been a growing demand for new political and social visions and scenarios. The project asks what role art and the moving image can play in experimenting with and sketching of such visions and scenarios. It takes a starting point in research of historical utopias and fragments of lost futures and potentials. The first part in the project focuses on the 1960s Zagorsk school for deaf-blind children outside Moscow and its pedagogy, established together with philosopher Evald Ilyenkov and based on a social and cultural-historic understanding of consciousness and development.”

Collaboration with Stockholm University of the Arts/Lund University.

Emanuel_bildArchive image, Unknown photographer, The Zagorsk School, 1960s.