Message in a bottle: Drift and Discovery

“How can the message in a bottle be used to explore and interpret drift? During the three years of this project, I will examine the message in a bottle in various incarnations, ranging from its use as a scientific tool to chart ocean currents, to its symbol as a conduit of chance communication.
Drift and discovery can have very different meanings for each of the disciplines I will examine during my research – subfields of the arts, humanities, and sciences – and these meanings also diverge from everyday experience. The research focuses on the interrelationships between uncertainty, discovery, and communication, but what are the boundaries of these concepts for the various subfields studied here? How does this overlap with oral storytelling and lived-experience? Furthermore, how does the artist act as interpreter within these frameworks?
Weaving location footage, interviews and archival research, I will create a series of narrative-based performance essays inspired by the indeterminacy of exploration and the human desire to contact and chart the unknown.”

Funded by the Swedish Research Council.

Ellie_Ga_bild_VR"The Drift Card" from "The Deck of Tara" © Ellie Ga