Theatre of Bureaucracy

“The Theatre of Bureaucracy investigates the function of bureaucracy as a form of distribution of power and meaning, through an analogy between bureaucracy and theatre. The basis of the investigation are questions about bureaucracy as
artistic practice, method and medium, and, in parallel, an investigation of the relation between theatricalisation and bureaucratisation, and bureaucracy as a subjective experience. The project will employ an affirmative notion of
bureaucracy as a process of theatricalisation and as an ever expanding space of anomalies and exceptions. Theatre or theatricality has a double yet coextensive meaning: On the one hand theatricality refers to a sociological concept of
public and social life, on the other hand as a mode of expression that also refers to method. The project unfolds in a series of scenes, and the narrative circles around a group called “1985” that explores the revolutionary changes on
many levels of society that took place in Sweden in the 1980s. This group also forms the investigative body and the theatrical structure of the project.”

Funded by the Swedish Research Council.