Costume in Art, Education and Institution
(Outfit practices)

“The PhD investigates, through practice-based artistic
experimentation and academic dialogue, the tacit, strategic and subversive use of costume and outfit within institutional critique, as a solo researcher/artist or with artists/groups related to institutional critique. The research will test what costume can do as a critical pedagogic tool within an art academy; furthermore it will explore whether costume can perform an emancipatory function in the context of art institutions by signifying/embodying social roles that can be manipulated, subverted, played with, and so on; finally It will through different live and performative situations, test the capacity of costume in academic and arts professional contexts to redress and legitimize costume as an artistic practice in relation to interest areas such as the educational turn, tactical media, and relational aesthetics.”

Amanda_Newall_1"PROJEKTET/BLODLOPP (Blood Run 3)". Video still, Fremantle Arts Centre (FAC), Australia. Joint residency at SymbioticA Labs, University of Western Australia and FAC © Amanda Newall