The Royal Institute of Art has during its history engaged with different forms of artistic development work. Since 2010 the school also host artistic research projects undertaken at a formal academic level. The purpose is to highlight and extend knowledge and insights about the processes and possibilities for artistic formation and articulation that exist within fine art, architecture and conservation architecture.

KU-projects are often open and experimental in their character, while the artistic research projects raise higher demands on the formulation of a specific enquiry and the documentation of the process. An artistic research project allows a focused period and opportunity to deepen the artistic experience through engaging with a delimited project while in dialogue with supervisors, artists and other researchers.

The artistic doctoral degree is based upon artistic practice and is examined through the presentation of a documented artistic research project. The Royal Institute of Art has five doctoral candidates within the framework of Konstnärliga forskarskolan/Lund University (a national research school in the field of arts - www.konstnarligaforskarskolan.se) which is funded by the Swedish Research Council. From 2014 a collaboration concerning doctoral education in Visual Art and artistic research started together with Stockholm University of the Arts.

The Royal Institute of Art also hosts a number of externally funded research projects. In January 2014, Ellie Ga and Andjeas Ejiksson, commenced two individual projects funded by the Swedish Research Council.

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