Project manager: Olivia Plender
"Of Means and Ends" (2015)

“Of Means and Ends is a ’trigger film’ about the neglected history of political activist and artist Sylvia Pankhurst, largely known for her involvement in the early 20th century British campaign for women’s suffrage. The term ‘trigger film’ is borrowed from Liberation Films (active in the UK in the 1970s). It describes an open-ended process in which the video is a tool, to be shown at live discussion events in order to provoke participation from the audience. The process of making the work will be apparent in the video, as it will utilise many of the participatory tools developed by the second wave feminist movement, as a means of researching their collaborative methods. Subsequently it will be self-reflexive and raise questions around the structures of exclusion present within the mainstream institutions involved in the work of narrating history; as well as the role of art within activist movements.”

3_Olivia_Plender_SylviaPankhurstProtestingDrawing"Sylvia Pankhurst Protesting", pencil on paper, Olivia Plender, 2014