Project manager: Louise Blad
(Some) Legendary Lesbians” (2015)

”(Some) Legendary Lesbians is an interdisciplinary performance and a printed matter that studies the life and work of lesbian feminist campaigner Jackie Forster (1926-1998) and her fight to keep Great Britain’s lesbian archive running. I’ve conducted research in and about the archive at Glasgow Women’s Library (GWL) since October 2013. Three out of 250 uncatalogized cardboard boxes are filled with the Jackie Forster material. Based on postcards, manuscripts, memorabilia, an unpublished autobiography, a lesbian quiz etc. a personal and unknown story takes shape. My aim is to revisit the archival material in Glasgow, conduct interviews with the library staff, and gather further material from the Feminist Library, London. Parallel to this I’ll do in depth studies of feminist and queer archive theory to examine how the archival material will change in the light of the archival turn once it’s taken out of external storage after GWL’s recent move. During September/October 2015 I’ll go on a tour through Sweden with the performance together with the performing arts project Lesbisk makt. The project will result in a printed matter, written by me along with contributions by GWL.”

Louise_blad_bild© Louise Blad