Project manager: Jenny Palén
Co-applicant: Arvid Wretman
”Space is the Place” (2015)

”The purpose is to create an independent forum for experimental arts, performance and music run by us for one year. A place that hopefully will develop and survive beyond the one-year period. The ideas are based on Jenny’s experiences of running Galleri Bastard, and Arvid’s experience with live music performances. We want to create our own forum where the appearances are found on the edges between music, theatre and fine art. We will work with each project on a monthly basis, and each culminating in a performance with an invited audience. Collaborations are made between different creative performers where we primarily use improvisation as a working method. We have previously collaborated on several projects such as public commissions, visual art and performances.”

jenny_palen_spaceistheplace-2© Jenny Palén