Project manager: Patrick Wagner
Co-applicants: Maria Lilja, Jenny Olsson

“This is an interview project about professionals working in the field of printmaking. Through field trips artists and artisans will be visited and the encounters will be recorded. These records will be the founding stones for a largely digital archive. While the long-term scope of the archive is to be as diverse and inclusive as possible, the first year will have “Paper” as a research term with visits made in Holland and Japan. Three teachers in printmaking will contribute to this, and future iterations should also involve students. This project will form a research base for a larger, more ambitiously scaled project. The aim is to build up an archive of artist-to-artist/artisan-to-artisan conversations that form a specific knowledge vault for students and teachers alike, to use as a reference or incubator for new ideas.”

patrick_wagner_bild© Patrick Wagner