Project manager: Carla Garlaschi
“Telenovela: Hijacking and Autonomy in the Neo Baroque World” (2015)

“The project consists in the realization of a romance novel and a telenovela (Soap Opera) video trailer to mirror the concerns of the contemporary world in an art community located between Latin-America and Europe (from the Neo-Baroque world). The writing of the romance novel is simultaneously an investigation of the telenovela genre and its context, having as a starting point the occurrence of a probable hijacking of Chilean soaps during 1970’s and 80’s (where banality act as camouflage?).

If storytelling and moving image could refer to this pendulum between Latin-America and Europe, and the shaping of an artist’s practice: i.e, a persona moving between these two, can the romance novel structure the encounter of these two parts and their struggles for being together: the lovers, and allow negotiations between both sides of this pendulum? More dualities are addressed in the project such as: text/image, art/entertainment, centre/periphery, tradition/contemporaneity, private life/persona.

In this way… through each public appearance, be it performance, release or exhibition in presence of the persona, could be seen as a mise-en-abyme."

LaAprendiz-Poster2015-CarlaGarlaschi_KU_2© Carla Garlaschi