Project manager: Sarah Kim
Co-applicants: Maryam Fanni, Elof Hellström
"Million/Mirror" (2015)

“Million/Mirror is an anthology project that compiles a variety of aesthetic responses to the Million program. This research project focuses on the images projected on these areas and the political function of the artists and institutions involved. Through interdisciplinary collaborations with researchers, writers and thinkers we follow the movements and flows of capital, language, and concepts of democracy, art, charity and social entrepreneurship. Over the span of two years we will gather a series of reflections that will lead to new questions mirroring the contradiction and crisis that unfolds within the investments made in the Million program and the society in which gentrification plans are steered by political agendas. By using the anthology as a form we attempt to investigate ourselves and our role as editors in relation to the meaning production and the possible alterative processes that may be formed collectively.”