Project manager: Matthew Ashton
Co-applicant: Dick Hedlund
"Monument to the Rubble of the Future" (2015)

“The history of the modern Swedish construction industry can be interpreted in the peripheral landscape of Malmö, where glossy new towers now rise up beside a colossal void - a disused limestone quarry whose absent matter is conserved in the concrete structures of over one million homes throughout Sweden. ‘Monument to the Rubble of the future’ aims to examine the relationship between the actual territory and urban development, and provide a critical response to the short-sighted visions of the future though an artistic exploration of the ‘traces of utopia’ already present in our urban landscape. A workshop will be held over several days in the abandoned quarry, where participants will stay and work collectively on artistic installations and temporary architectural interventions exploring how fragments of the past can create alternative futures.”

Matthew_Ashton_Future_Rubble04© Matthew Ashton